I can’t believe these screen shots were taken in 2007!!! That means that all this work was produced WELL before that!  I think it’s still really relevant.  I can’t wait to see what I can produce in 2013 and beyond!

Performance Appraisal Management System  This application was designed and built internally from the ground up.  Working with a small HR team to help identify necessary features and workflow, this system is a comprehensive, fully integrated staff and management appraisal system.  The appraisal scores and stores evaluation data including job accountabilities, competencies, customer service accountabilities, and previous and new goals. Features include:

  • LDAP integration
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Integration with legacy payroll system
  • Custom SQL database back-end
  • Intuitive step-by-step screens that walk users through the appraisal process
  • Summary and scoring with status indicators
  • Evaluative criteria based on specific job roles
 Performance Appraisal Management
iManage – Intranet Management Portal

  • LDAP authentication
  • User-specific data delivered in real-time
Company Intranet – George Implementation of robust content management system with significant customization. Features include:

  • Scrolling, date-automated announcements
  • Full-text searchable Policies & Procedures library
  • Online Cafeteria menu with custom interface for delegated administration
Bulletin Board (Intranet) Connecting staff and replacing the need for traditional bulletin boards is the motivation behind this application.  The online Bulletin Board utilizes LDAP authentication and allows staff to post ads in a variety of categories to buy or sell products or services. bulletin_sm
Company Internet Site Content management system was implemented and customized to support the high level of integration needed to produce the external website.  Robust, multi-tiered navigation enables browsing by topic or identity. web_home
Internet Physician Listing To reduce the risk of duplication or outdated information, the online physician listing pulls its data from a stand-alone credentialing system.  Certain fields are customizable for publishing purposes. Searches can be performed by physician’s name or specialty. phys_search
Internet Health Encyclopediaencyclopedia